Playa Roca

Rooms:  3/5
Service: 3/5
Price: 3/5
Amenities: 3/5
location: 4/5
Language: English/Spanish

Location: Playa Roca is located halfway down the Las Penitas main road, just after the exit to the second road.

Playa Roca is located on the beach just behind one of the best bathing spots on the Las Penitas beach where a row of rocks reduce the impact of the otherwise heavy waves.

It is a popular hotel with 8 single rooms and 2 dormitories. You are bound to meet other English speaking people here. They have a restaurant with a beautiful view of the sea. You can read our review of the restaurant in the restaurant section.

The outer limits of the hotel have unfortunately been destroyed by wave action which gives the hotel a worn and battered appearance at the moment. This is however a recent damage and is likely to be repaired when ocean cycles allow it.

We have received some reports of guest getting a poor welcome and service in this hotel but have not been able to verify this information, nor have we been able to get a first hand account from any guest with such experiences. This is therefore to be considered a rumour at this point.

A word of caution: The wifi service is often offline and should not be relied upon. There is however an internet café with Wifi in Las Penitas that you can visit if you need internet. The internet café also offers international calls.

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