Las Penitas Fishing

The inshore Pacific waters off Nicaragua are filled with fish such as snappers, groupers, snook, crocodile needlefish, jack crevalle, bonito and rooster fish. Yellowfin tuna, dorados and wahoo are also occasionally caught inshore but going offshore is better if you’re interested in these species. The offshore waters are especially rich in striped marlin and sailfish, and the abovementioned yellowfin, dorado and wahoo.

If you want to go fishing off the coast of Las Penitas simply contact one of the authorized local fishermen and plan the trip with him. For a fee, the fishermen will take you out deep sea fishing or explore the mangrove forest.

Fishing trips normally start at six a clock in the morning (right after sunrise) but it is usually possible to negotiate a later start if you want to.

If you want to make an appointment in advance, you can for instance call fisherman Antonio González at 505-887 666 75 or Kon-Tiki tours at 505-843 860 50.

Fish names in English and Spanish

Scientific name English names Spanish names
Family Lutjanidae Snappers Pargos, Huachinangos
Subfamily Epinephelinae Groupers Meros,Chernas
Tylosurus crocodilus Crocodile needlefish, Houndfish Agujón cocodrilo, Agujón lisero (Aguja, Aguja de casta, Agujón, Agujón de costa, Lechero, Marao lisero)
Caranx hippos Jack crevalle, Crevalle jack, Common jack, Yellow cavalla, Black cavalla, Black-tailed trevally, Couvalli jack Jurel común (Caballa, Chumbo, Cocinero, Jiguagua, Jurel, Jurel aleta amarilla, Jurel caballo, Jurel cola amarilla, Palometa, Toro)
Sarda chiliensis lineolata Bonito, Pacific Bonito Bonito, Bonito del Pacífico
Nematistius pectoralis Roosterfish, Rooster tail Papagallo, Peje gallo, Peje pluma
Thunnus albacares Yellowfin tuna Rabil, Atún de aleta amarilla (Albacora, Albacora aleta amarilla, Aleta amarilla, Atún aleta amarilla)
Coryphaena hippurus Dorado, Dolphinfish, Common dolphinfish, Mahi-mahi Corado, (Dorado, Dorado delfin, Dourade, Lampuga, Llampuga)
Coryphaena equiselis Dorado, Pompano dolphinfish,  Lesser dolphinfish Dorado, Dorado chato, Dorado enano,
Acanthocybium solandri Wahoo Peto (Carite tiburón, Guanjú, Guatapaná, Peje sierra, Sierra, Sierra canalera)

Diving Las Penitas

Kon-Tiki tours offers diving and scuba diving trips, but is not a dive school – they arrange transportation and guiding only. They do for instance offer a “Diving for the Treasures of the Sea” trip.

You can contact them by calling 505-843 860 50 or get in touch with them by visiting the Las Penitas Language School. The owner of the school speaks English, Spanish and Norwegian.