Barca de Oro

Food:  4/5
Service: 2/5
Price: 3/5
Environment: 4/5
Language: English/French/Spanish

Location: Barca del oro is located at the very end of Las Penitas main road where the buss stops and turn around to head back to Leon.


Barca del oro is situated very nicely with a view over the bay and Isla Juan Venado.  It is also a popular hostel. Barca de oro offers good food at prices that are little, but not much, higher than the average Las Penitas restaurant. Expect to pay 125 cordobas (6 USD) for a beef, fish or chicken meal. They serve what might be the best beef in Las penitas.

The environment is very nice with a lot of plants and well maintained wooden furniture on concrete floor. They also offer restaurants guest the opportunity to sit in the garden where the ocean view is better. The furniture in the garden is plastic and the floor is sand.

The service varies a lot, one time it’s excellent and the next time you visit you might have to wait 30 minutes just to receive the menus.

Barca de oro have a nice assortment of soft drinks, beers and spirits and is one of few places in Las Penitas where you can get wine.

Barca de oro is a great choice for people with limited or non existent knowledge of Spanish since the owner speaks English and French.

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