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Located along the Nicaraguan Pacific Coast, Las Penitas is famous for its top-notch surfing and laid back relaxing atmosphere. You won’t find a supermarket, traffic light or ATM here but if you’re looking for unadulterated tranquillity, cheap sea-food, hearty rum drinks and an everlasting beach this is the place to go.

Las Penitas is located right next to Poneloya and the two villages have more or less merged into one. Poneloya is still characterized by being largely made up by the grand beach villas of the Nicaraguan well-to-do while Las Penitas caters for domestic and foreign vacationers by offering more in the way of hostels, restaurants and beach activities. Local activities include boat or kayak trips in the Juan Venado Nature Preserve, horseback riding along the beach, surfing lessons and fishing excursions. During weekends and holidays, locals from the surrounding cities pour in to picnic at the beach, play volleyball and swim in the ocean or inside the shallow bay next to the Nature reserve.

Las Penitas is located roughly 20 km or 12 miles from Leon, which in turn is a 90 minute ride by car or express bus from Managua. A bus heading for Poneloya and Las Penitas leaves the Mercadito Sutiava once an hour during the day, but it can take up to an hour for it to reach the beach so getting a taxi driver to take you will save you quite a lot of time. Thanks to the new road (completed in 2009), a car ride will take no more than 15 minutes from Leon.