Internet in Las Penitas

Internet cafés

There is only one Internet café in Las Penitas: Cybersol. Located at the bay in the southernmost part of the village (right next to the Juan Venado Nature Reserve), it has five computers and will also allow you to connect your own laptop to their wifi.

Price: 25 cordoba / hour

There are several other internet cafés planned so Las Penitas will likely soon be home to several.

The Internet cafe cyber sol is located in this resturant

Other alternatives

A few hotels and hostels will offer wifi and sometimes even computers to their guests (including restaurant guests) either free or for an additional fee.

  • La Samaki has wifi  (Only for hotel guests)
  • Playa Roca has wifi (But have had some trouble with it during the last few months. the price is 25 Cordobas / Hour)

Living Here

If you want to live in Las Penitas there are several different companies and services that offer Internet connections. You should however expect that there can be quite a lot of problems before you get your internet connection up and working. The max connection speed you can currently get in Las Penitas without a private satellite connection (you use a satellite dish) is 512 Kb/s