Hotels & Hostels

Finding a hotel or hostel in Las Penitas is normally not difficult, but if you have special requirements or plan on visiting around Christmas or Easter Week you are advised to book well in advance. During the rest of the year, many people come to Las Penitas with just one or two nights booked in advance to give them the opportunity to try out various accommodations during their stay. A vast majority of the hotels and hostels are located along the main street that runs parallel to the beach, so if you take a walk you’ll spot them.

Hostels, hotels and B&B in Las Penitas

In Las Penitas, the difference between hotels, hostels and B&B’s is quite blurry when it comes to comfort as well as price. Several hostels offer private rooms with private bathroom for those who prefer more of a hotel feeling, while some of the hotels are very rustic with basic utilities only. It is therefore better to look for the type of location, price-range, amenities and atmosphere you want instead of focusing solely on if the place has labelled it self a hostel, hotel or B&B.

Budget: Dorm prices start at 6 USD. If you don’t travel alone, getting a room and splitting the cost can actually be cheaper per person.

Private room: The price for this type of room starts around 15-25 USD for up to two people, depending on if you want a private bathroom or not.

Luxury: There aren’t any real luxury hotels in Las Penitas, unless you consider ocean view, fresh seafood and a room right on the beach a luxury.

If you want to stay more than two weeks, you can usually negotiate a better deal.

Renting houses or rooms

Several houses are available for short- or long term rent in Las Penitas, and it is also possible to rent a room with a family if you really want to immerse yourself in the culture.

Las Penitas rental properties listed on vacation rental sites online tend to be quite exclusive and are often intended for groups, so if you’re looking for a no-frills house with a lower price tag for one or two persons it can make fiscal sense to stay a few nights in a hotel or hostel while shopping around locally for a place to live – especially if you’re planning to stay a while.