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  • Las Penitas Fishing

    The inshore Pacific waters off Nicaragua are filled with fish such as snappers, groupers, snook, crocodile needlefish, jack crevalle, bonito and rooster fish. Yellowfin tuna, dorados and wahoo are also occasionally caught inshore but going offshore is better if you’re interested in these species. The offshore waters are especially rich in striped marlin and sailfish, and the abovementioned yellowfin, dorado and wahoo.

  • Surfing in Las Penitas

    Still generally unknown to the main surfing population, Las Penitas offers world class surfing year round without any crowding. During weekdays you’d hardly see any surfers at all, and during weekends there is still plenty of space for everyone. However, Las Penitas is not the place to go if you want hundreds of fans admiringly watching your every move as you hit the waves – most days it will be just you and pelicans out there.

  • Las Penitas Beach

    Las Penitas is a typical beach and fishing town; almost all the houses are lined up along the beach and every morning you will see the fishermen bring in their catch in small, open boats. The village is one those hidden little gems where you can watch the sun set on a perfectly empty beach, without having to give up modern life comforts such as ice cold beer and chocolate ice-cream.